India's Multidisciplinary & Cross Sector Forum on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability

Theme: Landscape of EHS&S in Indian Industry

Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) is now a top priority for Indian businesses of all sizes. Growing awareness, need to comply with legislative and organizational requirements and increasing integration of the function with sustainability is leading to a structural evolution, and consequently, more complex risks, in the function.

Today EHS&S leaders are rethinking their strategy and approaches towards managing the function. The revived strategies require leveraging data-driven and predictive technologies to move towards proactive risk identification and mitigation from reactive safety measures. Additionally, EHS, with its growing overlap with sustainability management, need for reducing environmental impact, changes in users’ processes, and promote safety at workplace have manifested the risks, leading to transformation in risk management.

Another critical aspect of EHS&S management is keeping people at the centre of function’s agenda. The changing dynamics and focus on psychological safety are promoting the demand to equip employees with the expertise to navigate evolving technologies and regulations. This would also require leaders to demonstrate openness and a commitment to continuous learning, and create a strong EHS&S culture to enable improving an organization’s overall performance.

The interconnectedness of technology, sustainability and employee well-being change how EHS&S is perceived and managed. As we look towards coming years, with a slew of opportunities and challenges, we are excited to bring together the EHS&S leaders under one roof.

Shedding light on the evolution of EHS&S function, the event will look at health, safety and environment from diverse perspectives, while presenting unparalleled opportunities for engaging discussions and networking. It's a time of change and adaptability as the decisions made today will define the industry landscape of tomorrow.